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Swing Dancers, Performers and Instructors

Dance schools

The Studio 88-SWING in Montreal
Looking for a place to dance in Montreal?  The Studio 88-SWING is THE best Swing dance school in the greater Montreal!

Grenoble Swing Association
Grenoble Swing is organizing weekly classes all year long, and also workshops with international teachers on a regular basis.

Community Sites

Yehoodi: The most famous Swing discussion board
Yehoodi is a very well known Swing dance related discussion board.

Our dance friends

All the information about Max Pitruzzella, Annie Trudeau, Thomas Blacharz, Alice Mei, Dax Hock, Sarah Breck, William Mauvais and Maeva Trunzter.

Ali & Katja
Ali and Katja teach in locally in Germany as well as all over Europe.  Be sure to check out one of their workshops.

Workshops / Events / Competitions

Frankie’s 95th birthday website
Frankie Manning’s 95th birthday celebration in NYC.

The Canadian Swing Championships
The Canadian Swing Championships (CSC) are organized every year in may in the vicinities of Montreal.  The CSC are THE reference in Canada for competition in the Swing dance community.

Beantown Summer Camp
Beantown is one of the oldest summer camp in the world of Swing.  Spend just a weekend or a whole week there with the best international Swing dance teachers.  The camp is organized with a track system that enables the students to learn in the very best possible way.

Workshop in Paris in April 2010

Workshop in Orléans in April 2010

Workshop in Grenoble in April 2010

Workshop in Heidelberg in April 2010

Workshop in Montpellier in April 2010

Other sites

Helen & Serge Creations
Serge Ouimet, Natasha’s father, is a Montreal artisans. He makes hand-made jewelery that he sells in various fares around Montreal as well as outside in Old Montreal.  Check out his website to find out about his latest creations and to find out where he will be next.


Wandering & Pondering
Jerry Almonte’s blog